Vince Desi and the Postal-Series

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome back for another round of „Well played“, our series of english-language interviews. For our sophomore effort in the series I had the pleasure to reconnect with Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors and probably one of the most unusual and shall we say „least domesticated“ people in the games industry I have ever met. Together we’re doing a bit of a trip down memory lane talking about the highly controversial „Postal“ game-series, about Vince being a bit of an outcast in the game-dev community and that one time I organized a panel-discussion between him and german „violence in games“-critic Prof. Christian Pfeiffer. Skype-connection was a bit shaky and Vince had a bad case of the sniffles (which I tried to painstakingly edit out as best I could) but this will be well worth a listen, I promise. Enjoy!

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